Our Story

Once upon time there was a house in a place called Swindon in England where lived some couple that expected child to be born. They liked rainbows, colours and nature. They not liked tap water as it not tasted well when drinking and they had lime scale on kettle which was annoying. They thought about child that will be born. What can we do about it? I don’t want my child to drink this water said husband to wife. I don’t like it either sighted wife. Cleaning a kettle is hard work and what about your back when you carry water bottles from shop? asked wife. How much does it cost us ?asked husband. We will spend a fortune in fuel and time. There has to be other way . What if we could use magic and clean water from tap and make it like from mountain stream? I check what is available. All fairies are busy and their magic only works in fairy’s world so they advised us to use brain and find solution that works on Earth. Ok we tried few and one produced clean water but was to slow, another been producing a bit faster. Both had not enough minerals for drinking in their filters. We tried lot of devices and tested and finally we found out that we need two waters. One that will be like from mountain stream and will have variety of minerals beneficial for human health and Second water that will be for kettle and other stuff that boils water so will not leave a lime scale. When you have solution and know what you need is much better to make a product. After 6 years we have solution that removes bad stuff from tap water and make two waters – for drinking and cooking. We did not use magic but we used brain and good will to make life easier for us and for you.

So we created brand SEVEN WATER FILTERS to give you the best from us.

Enjoy as we do and be part of us and we will share with you by our referral program.

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